I'm Kacy Hagerty and my passion is telling stories. Let me start with mine:


Kacy Hagerty has hosted entertainment and lifestyle shows on NBC for more than ten years, interviewing the world's biggest stars from Taylor Swift to Dolly Parton. Kacy has co-hosted an NFL show with football legend, Eddie George. Kacy has hosted countless red carpets as well as charity events including Nashville's Flood Telethon in 2010 which raised more than $1.7M for people in need. Kacy’s work has appeared on national platforms such as a nightly special of Better TV. 


“Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others.”

- peter forbes


Telling stories is the heart of humanity. I discovered my deep love and empathy for people at an early age. Listening and understanding others on a heart level energized me. I began writing and naturally pursued degrees in communication and journalism. For more than ten years now, I've been blessed to tell stories on television and other platforms. Stories create community and change lives. The number of untold stories waiting for their moment to be heard is my daily motivation.


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